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The black background feels a little oppressive to me. Okay and now feedback stuff: I totally think we should add some preview hey-this-block-is-going-to-merge-and-this-block-isn't feedback to the swiping.

Oh man can you make it feel like a warm sweater I want to curl up in? But we shouldn't go through the whole rigamarole of totally merging and spawning the new blocks until they confirm the action.

The governor’s comments came as the House voted to send...

Our expectations for our tiny game were well, fairly tiny. It’s still hard to address the world’s response with something beyond a wide-eyed daze but essentially we couldn’t be more thrilled. But there’s another side of that daze that we wish to talk about. With Greg being part of the Ridiculous Fishing team, we’re not shy about calling a clone a clone, and believe us, there’s no shortage of straight-up clones out there, especially on Android.

We didn't have to buy one bag of ice to keep the food cold and I had frozen meet that I had put in the cooler before we left and it was still frozen after 8 days.

And the only two ways I can think of right now are "Graphic Designy" or "Cute." I'll let you know if I think of any other ideas. and then hardcore would kind of hear about "dude, i know it's blowfish but you gotta play it, it gets really weird and good and hard." i still kinda wish we did that, but it's ya know, ya gotta ship... but seriously, i think a pattern like this could kinda feel warm. like black bears can't combine with each other but they do combine with white bears and but pandas can combine with eachother? Right now they show up every 30 turns, which is arbitrary and unfun. Also if we just cram all the different argyle layers into a single atlas it'll be super easy to switch them out for skin packs. and you get sort of "threes vision" for the basics 1s and 2s and so it's all about perking up when shit gets real. i have another idea that's slightly weirder but might be much more readable for displaying the food. hmmmm so i just took a pretty fresh look at the old version, solid argyle. /thoughts so i had an idea last night for some interaction stuff that might communicate things better. or is it just any swipe in any direction in the slightest locks you in? (Admittedly all of this is self-inflicted.) The current plan is to finish my current Ardunio project before I leave for Europe this week with the family.

This cooler was in the sun all day for three days and it was hot.

I have also used this cooler for a weeks worth of camping and we used block ice and we were gone for 8 days and when we got home we still had a huge chunk of ice on the bottom and very little water.

First, it started on i OS with a game called 1024 released 21 days after Threes (February 27th). The sliding is there, the doubling of cards, the merging, even the art is extremely similar. It’s freely available and open source, allows swipes so it can be played on the phone and has spawned many variants since, including our personal favorite: Numberwang 2048. Something we noticed about this kind of system early on (that you'll see hidden in the emails below). The branching of all these ideas can happen so fast nowadays that it seems tiny games like Threes are destined to be lost in the underbrush of copycats, me-toos and iterators. We are so happy with Threes and how it has done and all the response. And even writing this feels like we’re whining about some sour grapes that we have no business feeling sour about. Though if the game stays this simple we could make a bunch of color schemes and something like this could be an option.

It’s all in good fun, at least we’d like to think so, but try as our logical brains might, we still got the same “cloning feeling". We wanted players to be able to play Threes over many months, if not years. We’d wager most people that have been able to score a 768 or even a 384 in Threes would be able to do the same using the fabled “corner strategy”. Just try tapping “up” then “right” in alternating order until you can’t move. You may not get to a 2048, but you might just see your highest score ever. To this day, only about 6 people in the world have ever seen a 6144 and nobody in the world has yet to “beat” Threes. We worked really hard to create a simple game system with interesting complexity that you can play forever. This fast, speed-up of technological and creative advances is the lay of the land here. Like it’s not ok to feel the way we do some of the time. We do believe imitation is the greatest form of flattery, but ideally the imitation happens after we’ve had time to descend slowly from the peak -- not the moment we plant the flag. I can totally imagine the arrows and walls having the same amount of depth. I'm still going back and forth with how abstract the game should be, but if we go abstract this is definitely a superb option. Within a day it would seem we were fairly close to the final product.

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