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Ø Stable Life: A co-operative society has a fairly stable life and it continues to exist for a long period of time.Its existence is not affected by the death, insolvency, lunacy or resignation of any of its members.The members or their elected representatives are not experienced enough to manage the society.Again, because of limited capital they are not able to get the benefits of professional management.Ø Lack of Motivation: Every co-operative society is formed to render service to its members rather than to earn profit.

Again due to low rate of return the members do not invest more capital.

Ø State Assistance: Both Central and State governments provide all kinds of help to the societies.

Such help may be provided in the form of capital contribution, loans at low rates of interest, exemption in tax, subsidies in repayment of loans, etc.

The selfish attitude of members may sometimes bring an end to the society.

Ø Dependence on Government: The inadequacy of capital and various other limitations make cooperative societies dependant on the government for support and patronage in terms of grants, loans subsidies, etc.

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