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So here’s to you mom, not only my mom, but my selfless, compassionate, loving, and inspiring single mom.

When we face a difficult situation many of us immediately have a bad day. Customer service representatives have the questionable pleasure to face difficult situations each time they come to work.

To me, you’re not only my mom; you’re the strongest woman I know.

You constantly showed me to find the good in life, even when it was even hard to find yourself. You made it look easy to balance a career, a daughter, and being active in the community, even when I knew it wasn’t.

When we were both surrounded by the solitude of each other, everyday, your unconditional love was all I needed.

You gave me double the love that I ever needed and deserved.

When the same messages were transmitted through a voice recording, the recipient interpreted the emotion correctly 73% of the time.

When I was in high school I had this situation when I wanted to pass a really important math exam.

When you’re not nice, you can’t expect a customer service rep to flatter you and meet all your requests with a smile on their face. How do you feel when your boss or somebody you don’t know yells at you because you can’t or didn’t do something? In an experiment, test participants emailed 10 statements to a recipient. The senders believed the recipient would correctly identify the intended emotion behind most of the messages.

Live chat agents respect themselves and sometimes when a customer goes beyond the line, they can deny providing service. In fact, the recipients only identified seriousness or sarcasm 56% of the time.

Dear Mom, It is impossible to put into words everything I should be thankful for.

When I think of my childhood, the first person that always comes to mind is you. Between our stubborn fights and my bratty stage in life, sometimes I don’t understand how you handled it.

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And that’s why those who don’t have high personal control look like they need a hug sometimes.

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