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I'll arrange for two guys to come to the room each time. She immediately started to squirm, tried to say something. The girl's parents had been killed in an auto wreck. Charles had purchased a duplex, so that the girls could live next door. Then, if you want to continue, you and I will sit down with him. My goal is to make one hundred and fifty thousand, tax free, then go buy a small gilt and flower shop in a nice southern town, marry, and live the rest of my life as a southern lady." Lynn Van Hoven had never heard another woman speak with such clarity, and authority in her life. Donna suspected that something was going on when Lynn had her man the motel desk. Donna stepped out of the office just in time to see Betty and the two men enter room twenty. Three, for fifty bucks, you can both have Lynn for a half hour." The men looked at each other, and then turned to Betty. You will do one, I'll do the other." "What should I tell my husband? So, you tell him nothing, absolutely nothing, until you have done it for a few nights. I will also tell him that if you do it, and run this motel bar for ten years that you can retire rich. She knew that whatever happened to Lynn would be easier for her to take, if she was alone with the men. He took Lynn by the arms and pulled her to the side of the bed, so that her head hung over the side.

Only later, would the they, meaning she and Charles, come into play. "We will definitely be back." Each said as they walked back to the bar. I think Debby will want to also." Crudely, Lynn said. This is fucking strange men anyway that they want to fuck. Strangely, Lake View became the pick-up, party spot for older singles from all over the county, so often there would be thirty or more women who had drove there in twos or three, looking for action with the traveling men.

I told her over seven hundred, but that there would be a lot more when business picked up, as it will if you have ladies here. " "We would go down the tubes, without enough ladies here for the customers. Would you go tell her that I know, and that I know that she is doing it for us." "Gladly." Soon Lynn walked into the bar. Each had two fifteen minute missionary fucks with two different eager, aggressive, farm boys.

"She asked me this morning how much I made here in a week. Lynn and Betty returned a half hour later, fifty dollars richer.

Both work for Jamestown Fine Gifts, a company that employed seventy-two people, of which thirty were women.

Lynn's two younger sisters, twins by the name of Donna and Debby, both worked there part time, and went to the University of New York, Buffalo.

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They were an average family, living in an average neighborhood, who went to church every Sunday. I'm averaging one hundred and ten dollars a night." "You have made fourteen hundred dollars since you have come her? Betty nodded, and then said, "Lynn, you will need to get a couple girls down here. If you don't have any girls, the word will spread and the salesman will stop coming. I really like being in the sun." Lynn, wearing a two-piece bathing suit, stood up.

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