Emotional effects of dating separated parents

Family Lives - Parentline offers help and advice to parents on bringing up children and teenagers, tel: 08.National Family Mediation - An organisation specifically set up to help families who are separating.When parents no longer love each other and decide to live apart, a child can feel as if their world has been turned upside down.The level of upset the child feels can vary depending on how their parents separated, the age of the child, how much they understand, and the support they get from parents, family and friends.Her family all went for some sort of counselling together which Kate said was really good as it made them all listen to each other and talk without shouting.Kate hoped the counselling would mean her Daddy would move back home, but it didn’t work out that way.

Citizens Advice Bureau - Your local branch is listed in the telephone directory.I sometimes think it’s my fault as things seemed to go wrong after they had me. I can’t speak to Mummy or Daddy about it ‘cos I’m worried they’ll say it is my fault.Even if they didn’t, I probably wouldn’t believe them.It has a useful booklist, which includes books for children of different ages.Relate - offers a range of services to help families and couples going through separation and divorce.

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