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What shocks me most about the scatological porn known as “2 Girls 1 Cup” in the cruel year of our lord 2017 is that not everyone on the internet has seen it.

I have to remind myself that this extreme fetish video went viral a decade ago, when phones were dumb, My Space had more users than Facebook and Generation Z was about to plug in.

We logged on just to collectively recoil at the very worst of what we found.

From disturbing flash cartoons like to graphic sites like Goatse (which hosts an image of a man’s gaping asshole, circulated since 1997), we delighted in forcing ourselves to bear witness to humankind’s depravity.

Canadian registration notwithstanding, it’s associated with an IP address of a server in San Francisco.

Though the Obscenity Prosecution Task Force was dissolved in 2011 by Attorney General Eric Holder, sitting AG Jeff Sessions said in his confirmation hearing that he’d consider bringing it back.

Brad Kim, the founder and editor-in-chief of Know Your Meme — a singular resource on the history of web ephemera — recalled exactly this response to Kim first saw the video in college, around his junior year at NYU, when one of his suitemates rallied up a crowd for a group screening.

Nevertheless, he’s “absolutely” sure the nation will experience something like the 2 Girls 1 Cupmania again.We watched it to assure ourselves that it cannot be how it looks.The internet is a filter that conveniently downgrades everything upsetting to mere urban legend, a cluster of pixels with no substance behind it.“There’s a weird appeal in volunteering [for] a relatively benign traumatic experience as a group. “And more than anything, I remember the reactions of other people in the group screening.”No discussion of 2G1Ccan get far without acknowledging this, the communal basis of its legend — which is, no doubt, what makes me assume that everyone has seen it.At the time, there were only two paths to the video: deceit and curiosity.

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