Did lauren conrad dating brody jenner

Lauren and I have always been just friends,” Brody corrected.

The unseen footage from the 10 year anniversary special shows Kim getting a tour of Heidi's home, with the blonde showing her the "arcade room", before Kim waves to two pals as she enters the living room.

While Kim is rarely seen wearing anything other than a fabulous designer ensemble these days, in the deleted scenes she is wearing more casual attire, consisting of a white shirt with ruffled detail which showed off her soon-to-be-famous cleavage.

After spending time with Heidi, Kim is then seen chatting with Brody about their plans for Memorial Day.

“And then you get all these people saying, ‘Oh, he’s a male whore, he sleeps with all of these girls,’ when in actuality, I didn’t do that.”" data-reactid="22"“I would say that the hardest part of it was having to live that fake reality.

The not being able to say, ‘I didn’t screw every single girl on the show.

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