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International Sign (IS) is a contact variety of sign language used in a variety of different contexts, particularly at international meetings such as the World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) congress, events such as the Deaflympics, in video clips produced by Deaf people and watched by other Deaf people from around the world, and informally when travelling and socialising. It is not as conventionalised or complex as natural sign languages, and has a limited lexicon.International Sign is a term used by the World Federation of the Deaf and other international organisations.Several private entities -- such as the Gallaudet Research Institute here at Gallaudet University and researchers at RIT/NTID -- have taken a stab at it, but are limited by the data available.Speaking of RIT/NTID researchers, in 2012 they released a report that not only estimates an average prevalence of hearing loss within the U. of approximately 3.5%, but also work towards resolving other issues present in the data that include: All of the above-listed issues are perennial in spite of tremendous advancement in data collection, analysis, and interpretation; as such, they should always be kept in mind.The event was last held in Melbourne, Australia, in 2005, and attracted over 3,000 competitors.The biggest difference between the Deaflympics, Olympics, Paralympics, and other main sporting events is the competitors cannot start a race with a bell, whistle, bullhorn or cannot hear a referee call the play.

One tendency feeding this problem is the frequent lack of distinction between types, onsets, and severity levels of hearing loss; one often sees either "individuals with hearing loss" with a single line of percentages or totals, or, if one is lucky, one may see two lines: "severe" and "not severe." Such is the state of deaf statistics within the federal government.The games have been organized by the Comite International des Sports des Sourds (CISS, "The International Committee of Sports for the Deaf") since the first event. The Deaflympics are more than just the world's second oldest multiple sports games after the Olympics.They are also among the world's fastest growing sports events. Previously called World Games for the Deaf, and International Games for the Deaf, the Deaflympics are an IOC-sanctioned event at which Deaf athletes compete at an elite level.Sponsored by the Danish Association of the Deaf and the University of Copenhagen, the course was designed by Robert M. Indeed, current IS has little in common with the signs published under the name 'Gestuno'.A parallel development has been occurring in Europe in recent years, where increasing interaction between Europe's deaf communities has led to the emergence of a pan-European pidgin or creole sign.

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