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Next up is a region containing all of the functions used to return full tables from the database through the data context.All of the functions work essentially the same way; the data context includes a function called Get Table That next region contained in the Accessor class is Queries region; this region contains examples of different types of select queries that may be performed using LINQ to SQL.Each function is annotated to describe what it does and what it is intended to demonstrate.The Insert or Update Customer menu item click event handler calls the Accessor class Insert or Update Customer function, passing in some canned arguments to populate the last.The Stored Procedures, once added to the project may be immediately accessed through the data context; to access a Stored Procedure just get an instance of the data context and call the Stored Procedure, passing along any required parameters as arguments to the function call: This is the main form of the application; this form is used to provide a test harness for testing each of the functions defined in the Accessor class; all functions defined in the Accessor class have a corresponding menu item and the click event handler for each menu item executes an Accessor class function; supplying any arguments necessary as canned values.The next code region is called 'Full Table Requests'.If you look at the customer table before and after executing this click event handler you will see the customer added to the table.

Select query examples will demonstrate ordering, filtering, aggregation, returning typed lists, returning single objects and values, and how to query across entity sets (that are essentially related tables associated by foreign keys).Each of the functions operates in a similar manner in that the function creates a list of the type returned by the Accessor class function called, evokes the Accessor function and then assigns the returned list to the data source property of the Data Grid View control contained in the main form.The next region contains the menu item click event handlers used to execute each of the queries described in the queries region of the Accessor class.Once that is done, build the project to generate the LINQ to SQL code.The Accessor class is used to the store all of the functions used to execute LINQ to SQL queries against the database.

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The demonstration project included with the article is a simple Windows Forms application; this example contains a Data Grid View control and a menu; the menu is used to execute each example query contained in the demonstration.

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