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Moses built just about every other major modern construction project in New York City.

The public couldn’t stop him, the mayor couldn’t stop him, the governor couldn’t stop him, and only once could the President of the United States stop him.

But ultimately, you know where the cliché must take us. He may have had more brain, more drive, more strategy than other men, but he did not have more compassion.

And ultimately power turned him into something monstrous.

Most people get worse as they get successful, many more get worse as they age.

In fact, Rockefeller began tithing his money with his first job and gave more of it away as he became successful.

It wasn’t until she met a special school principal—unlike any I have ever heard of—who finally GOT her.

I think that’s what makes this so convincing and so eye opening. Both will make you think and both made me a better person.). Bill Walsh’s book certainly met that high standard. It’s a cautionary tale too—about being too caught up in revolutionary ideas. All you need to know about Schulberg’s writing is captured in this quote from his obituary: “It’s the writer’s responsibility to stand up against that power.

A hollowing out is coming and you’ve got to prepare yourself (and our institutions) as best you can. Even if you’ve never watched a down of football, you’ll get something out of this book. The writers are really almost the only ones, except for very honest politicians, who can make any dent on that system. And that’s affected me my whole life.” Fiction can do that, and sometimes it does it even better than non-fiction. “A boy can be two, three, four potential people,” Duddy’s uncle tells him, “but a man is only one.

And I mean understood and cared about and unconditionally supported her in a way that both inspires me and makes me deeply jealous.

If only all of us could be so lucky…I found Rockefeller to be strangely stoic, incredibly resilient, and, despite his reputation as a robber baron, humble and compassionate.

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