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To understand how plate tectonics works, we must understand the nature of the Earth''s interior.(J.

Louie) Above is a simplified view of the composition and state of regions within the Earth.

The higher velocities below the Sierras are an artifact of the experiments'' spanning a lateral discontinuity- is the reconstruction of an image from its projections, or shadows.

3-d view of a mercator projection of the mantle, with blue surfaces surrounding cold blobs of mantle, which should be sinking slabs. East Asia is the location of a double-sided subduction zone, where the old Pacific plate subducts from the east, and the Indo-Australia plate from the south.

Due to subduction, and hence refrigeration, the upper and lower mantle here are the coldest mantle regions in the world.

Gokh (Method of geoholography and geohydrodiagnostics) enables to detect any elements of Mendeleev Periodic Table; oil and gas deposits, mechanisms and devices of various kinds, material objects both in the Earth and in the areas of remote Space.

The devices use analogs or models in order to record structural field or the snapshots of the planets, stars, constellations, areas of Space, executed by means of satellites or telescopes.

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There is a certain experience in detection of gold and platinum deposits as well as finding of carbohydrogen, drinking and thermal waters in the Crimea.

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