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As a balancing move, the first part of the set was a showcase of the Playboys without Jeff while the last twenty minutes or so were set aside to bring back a few Beck signature tunes as well as a surprise or two.Wanting to see if they could pull it off live, Jeff Beck opted for a club atmosphere venue at a trendy spot in Paris, France called La Cigale.Jeff Beck climbed into the upper stratosphere with feedback, harmonics and nasty gut wrenching wails!As if this weren't enough, the volume hushed and Sanchez asked again if the audience wanted a little more (which is like asking if the Pope is Catholic! The drummer, Clive Deamer, changed his time signatures and with a one-two-three-four bang and roll it was then the familiar driving tempo of the classic Don Nix song "Going Down" complete with yet more fresh discordant rapid-fire licks from Jeff and sudden band stops featuring some finger lickin' Beck Chickin' Pickin'!At this juncture they did not know that the planned major U. - nine city tour beginning in Cliff Gallup's home town of Norfolk, VA and ending in LA would unfortunately not proceed in the ensuing months.April 23, 1993 saw the Big Town Playboys start the evening with a very tight, energenic set and then all hell broke loose as vocalist/pianist Mike Sanchez simply announced, "Please welcome Jeff Beck".I'll be getting as much Yardbirds related stuff as possible in the shop which of course includes as much Jeff Beck stuff as possible. You started this whole thing twenty-five years ago! John's set he had a shoulder bag full of glitter that he threw into the audience.Best regards, Richard Mackay, Editor, Yardbirds World Magazine. "Too Much To Lose" Dick, Here's the tape I promised. C.) at the BBA show at Park Center on 12 July, 1973 was Dr. When Carmine took his drum solo during "Morning Dew", Tim Bogert came out on stage with the bag, dancing like Dr. Also, something interesting I found in a book the other day; "Ringo Starr, Straight Man or Joker?

Annette Carson formerly of the UK now residing in South Africa. Send her anything written about Jeff that you think could be put to good use. --Dick Wyzanski Yardbirds World Dear Dick, Still rushing around here like a "Crazy Legs".She was a London rock booking agent in the sixties and even sent Jeff out on a Carnaby Street modeling session at one point. I should be moving into a "Yardbird World" shop in a month or two, address will be 64 Northdown Road, Cliftonville, Margate, Kent, U. I would wish to stock your mag on Jeff, your latest issue is a "blinder" lots of nice information, Congratulations. I have just finished writing a Keith Relf discography, listing all known recordings and a whole mass of unreleased items.She has two published books on aviation and has already ghosted a book about Jeff that I've had a chance to read the first five chapters of. It's straight ahead, filled with facts, no nonsense yet maintains an artistic flair. I intend doing the same with the Yardbirds, Jim Mc Carty and Jeff Beck.All of which he had to do on a much harder to play old Gretsch Duo Jet guitar rather than his customary fast action Fender Stratocasters.It was all worth the risk as that authentic old rockabilly sound was pulled off with style and grace by Jeff.

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" By Alan Clayson (1992 Paragon House, Page 260) "Ringo was seen with Jeff Beck and the Pink Floyd's David Gilmour in a promotional film of "Too Much To Lose" by Czechoslovokian Jazz-Rocker Jan Hammer." I've never seen it, have you?

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