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The styles and techniques used in constructing many of these structures, including the towering interior of the Great Mosque, have not been replicated anywhere else in the world and the inclusion of nearby relics like the Alcazar fortress and Calahorra Tower make Cordoba an incredible place to visit.Home of Spain's first Gothic cathedral, Cuenca earns much of its touristic appeal from its situation high atop mountainside cliffs overlooking the Huecar River.Sure, you've read all the popular Spain tour guides and you're quickly formulating an itinerary for the vacation of a lifetime, complete with scenic overlooks for photo opportunities and quaint mom-n-pop eateries that are highly acclaimed by the locals (at least that's what they said online, anyway).Everything is coming together much more quickly than you initially thought and you find yourself overwhelmed by the endless amount of places to see and things to do; how can you weed out the tourist traps and get the most out of your time in Spain with only the best and most immersive glimpses into Spanish culture?The city was originally a fortified medieval town that has remained stunningly unchanged and well-preserved over the centuries.Buildings and fortifications were built in harmony with the natural slopes of the rocky geography, resulting in a fascinating architectural style that is as culturally unique as it is beautiful.Luckily for us time-conflicted explorers, restricted by the limited number of hours in a day, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has done a great service by delineating the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Spain!

Founded as a means of identifying places with intrinsic significance to the culture of all mankind, UNESCO World Heritage sites share a common contribution to humanity's role on planet Earth and what defines everything that we collectively value as a species.Gaudi constructed seven buildings in Barcelona; Casa Vicens, Casa Mila, the La Sagrada Familia nativity facade, the crypt in Colonia Guell, Parque Guell, and Palacio Guell.The structures collectively stand as the single best unified example of the styles used by Gaudi's contemporaries and are intrinsically unique as some of the most prolific pieces of public art in existence.View from the in Barcelona[/caption]A brief tour around the Park Guell will almost certainly bring an immediate understanding as to why these creative structures grace the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites.Curious curves, complex mosaics, and elaborate facades intrigue observers as they wander around the strangely beautiful structures, built in the early 20th century by an ambitious Gaudi who was given full creative control of the architecture.

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Everything from synagogues to cathedrals, mosques, and bridges destroyed in archaic wars can be found within Toledo, which has come to be known as a veritable 'museum-city'.

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