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It's the conversion of bytes that should be a special case and not the opposite.Regards Hi, I want to use the icmppingsec item and read the response time in milliseconds.Additionally, we’ve increased our use of output escaping to protect against cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks. For all known Magento Commerce 2.2.0 GA issues, see Magento Commerce 2.2.0 Release Notes.This release contains numerous fixes and enhancements.

For this I use a multiplier of 1000 and "ms" as a unit.Here is his write up on how to handle notifications with Payum: The notification is a callback.A payment can send it back to us to let us know about changes.It could be Paypal Instant Payment Notification (IPN) or Payex Transaction Callback for example.Here in this chapter we show you how to store it somewhere and process it later (with a cron script for example).

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