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However, back in 2004, Facebook (The then) was launched just for Harvard students.

Zuckerberg saw the potential and released the service to the world at the website

In fact, most of the social media websites we have today are similar to Linked In, in that they are specifically about one particular thing, or they have some kind of unique quality that has made them popular.

Social media today consists of thousands of social media platforms, all serving the same – but slightly different purpose.

From Six Degrees, the internet moved into the era of blogging and instant messaging.

Although blogging may not seem like social media precisely, the term fits because people were suddenly able to communicate with a blog other instantly as well as other readers.

For example: some people define communication by letters via the postal service as social media, but most people define it as the ability to use the internet to share and communicate instantly with others, even across great distances.

That means, that social media can be traced back to one website in particular – and no, it wasn’t Facebook.

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