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Rather than give a general answer to a question that is largely depend on the specific teenagers in question, I’ll answer by describing the kind of teens who might be ready to consider dating and the teens who should probably reconsider.

(Note: I’m specifically addressing girls in this post, but I think the basic principles are applicable to boys as well.) For young girls trying to figure out if you’re ready to date, here are some signs that suggest you’re mature enough to consider dating: 1) You strive to live a life of purity.

If this describes you, you’re likely a teen who understands that romantic relationships are hard and require a lot of work.

So you won’t investment those efforts and emotions into someone you can’t marry (I.e., a nonbeliever).

One girl looked at me with an “I have a burning question I want to ask, but I don’t know if I should” kind of look that made me very nervous.

I just it would be one of those questions I didn’t know how to answer right away. She asked me how I felt about Christian teenagers dating because it’s an oft-neglected topic in her church.

Instead of filling your free time by looking at pictures of cute guys or dreaming of relationships, use that that time to think about ways in which you are weak in your faith — and then work on those things!

This is the best time for you to strengthen the most important relationship you’ll ever have: your relationship with Christ.

Let me first acknowledge that I completely sympathize with you.

If you date unwisely, the heartbreak you’ll experience afterwards will overshadow all the fun you had.

Perhaps you can counter your boredom by finding more ways to grow in your faith and serve others.

Let me preface this by saying I do want to encourage you to make marriage an idol and the most important goal in your life (marriage is an admirable goal, but it shouldn’t be your main goal).

But if you’re seriously considering dating, you should be the kind of teen who dates intentionally, not recreationally, and has a scripturally guided idea of the kind of man you should marry.

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