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Throughout her adventures in the Digital World, she realizes she is very much loved, and her friends make her realize how appreciated she is.As a teenager, she embraces her femininity, and is much more confident and laid back.As a preteen, she is a bit tomboyish, from the way she dresses to her hobbies.She starts out low self esteem, believing herself to be unloved and criticizing herself for not being able to help her friends.She also wears a cream-colored beanie with straps and a dark green zigzag mark on it.After receiving Tai's e-mail, she removes her hat to put on the hair clip she received from him, which has an orange and red flower-shaped ornament.In 1999, Sora attends Odaiba Elementary School in the fifth grade, and plays in a soccer team with Taichi "Tai" Kamiya.During a game, when Tai disputes the ball with one of the opponent players, Sora asks him to pass the ball, and when the boy is knocked by another player, Sora makes the goal.

Sora notices someone is missing, and they hear Mimi screaming and find her and Tanemon running from Kuwagamon.

She also wears a wine-colored skirt, white socks, and gray and cerulean sneakers.

During winter, she wears a yellow sweater under a blue hooded coat with a white ruff in the hood, two pockets and three dark blue buttons, a pink scarf, turquoise gloves, a purple skirt, brown stockings, and turquoise boots with white soles.

Sora's oldest friend is Tai Kamiya, who attended the same class at the same school as her in Highton View Terrace and plays in the soccer club with her.

Name used in the Japanese version of Digimon Adventure, Digimon Adventure 02, and related materials.

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When running from the Insect, they reach a dead end, but Kuwagamon reaches them before they can search for another path. As Sora worries for Yokomon, Kuwagamon rises again, and the Digimon go back to fight, and as the children call for them, they digivolve to their Rookie forms, and manage to fight with the Insect on even terms. Kuwagamon then stands up again and tries to attack Tai and Agumon, Sora warns the boy, and they evade.

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