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To help you with meeting other singles in real life 420 Singles informs you of upcoming events related to the cannabis community.

They see this as an additional way of connecting with your potential partner.

But, you can't be in Hollywood without making any rumors, Hu has had her share as well. Kelly was in a relationship with a bank investor named Ahmed Ali for two years.

Out of all the cannabis related dating apps out there High There might be the one with the catchiest name and the prettiest face.Because of the small number of users, you might end up being matched with someone on the other side of the continent, or worse the planet.Conceived on the backseat of a Volvo, according to the owner and founder, **420 Singles is a website with an added blog that is also listed online as Stoner Singles.There is a bit of an issue with the High There app though, well at least if you are a cannabis user that values his or her privacy above anything else.This app proves to be the least safe as far as your data is concerned.

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  1. I wept for all those expat ladies who’ve gone home (alone) and asked themselves “what does it take to attract Dutch men? Firstly, the Shallow Man would like to apologise to all the Dutch women who he’s made fun of for wearing what I like to describe as dangerously flat shoes.