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I’ll work on myself as you continue to work on yourself. His response, “I respected your wish when you said not to contact you, now please respect mine and do not contact me again. Thanks for your understanding.”That’s not what she expected — and definitely NOT what she wanted.Her intentions were good, but things had suddenly gone from bad to worse.********************Everyday I work with men and women who had the right intentions but made things worse… Gone to your ex way too early asking to get back together., I advocated that the United States provide Israel a long-lasting regional monopoly on the F-35 joint strike fighter.My line of argument was that since Israel’s aerial superiority—which remains critical to its Qualitative Military Edge (QME)—is already being seriously eroded through the sale of large quantities of advanced U.While no public comment has been made by Israel, the report by Barbara Opall-Rome included reference to a “source” that privately said that “Israel is unlikely to object if initial steps are limited only to the UAE, and will not trigger wider approval for other GCC states.” References to a long time-frame, approval being limited only to UAE and the appearance as if some in Israel do not object to the sale, though fallacies, are designed to pre-influence the Israeli stance towards the move.RECOMMENDED: How America Would Wage a War Against North Korea A second audience that the reports are designed to influence is Congress.The weaker the Israeli objection, the more probable it will be to persuade Congress in the future to approve a deal and vice versa.The reports also serve to reiterate Washington’s commitment to the UAE and its potential willingness to deliver on the major Emirati arms request dating back to 2011. Navy Could Crush China in a War Abu Dhabi has also added pressure on the United States by outlining an agreement with Russia to build a next-generation fighter.

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The reports serve as a “trial balloon” to test and to try to influence the degree of an Israeli push back against such a move.

The reports were carefully laced with references to the long time-frame for first deliveries and to the limiting of the F-35 sales to the UAE only.

The UAE has adopted a number of strategies designed to signal its dissatisfaction with America’s refusal to enter talks on the sale of the F-35. S.-UAE Defense Cooperation Agreement, while on the other it has refused, up to now, to conclude a pending deal for thirty new F-16 Block 61 fighters. This comes at a time when the administration is forging a new strategy to counter Iran that requires Gulf support.

The recent announcement by the UAE of a deal to upgrade eighty of its F-16s—coinciding as it does with the new U. willingness to enter preliminary talks on the F-35—highlights the linkage drawn between the issues by the UAE.

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