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The entire Chimu state, was absorbed into the Tawantinsuyu community and resettled in the city of Cuzco, to serve their new Inca rulers.

Contemporary with the Chimú, were the Chincha, on the southern coast of Peru. But they were unique in one respect, it appears that they were a completely specialized people, oriented totally towards a fishing economy.

Coastal Huari cultures produced textiles of the highest quality.Analysis of the hair and human bones from the mummies indicates that about 90 percent of their diet existed of maritime food sources, with the remaining 10 percent of their food from terrestrial animals and plants.The Chinchorro type site is located in Arica, Chile: it was discovered by German archaeologist Max Uhle in 1915. D, the Lima culture began to take shape along the central Peruvian coast, the Lima are known for their painted adobe buildings.Sometime later, the Lima were conquered by the Huari (Wari) people.

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