Dating advice when to have sex with him

"To him, our relationship was the dumpable kind; for me it was a keeper."Atwood says it's a pattern she sees with many couples.When we rush into bed, she observes, the chances are greater that we find ourselves wanting the man either more, or less, than he wants us.

The more time we spent vertical, actually talking, the less I liked him.Soon she was falling hard for the guy, but it turned out he wasn't exactly on the same page.When he moved to Texas with barely a goodbye, a confused Lynn wondered, What about us? "It was as if the last few months were one big misunderstanding," she says.Here's where it gets a little psychoanalytic: You might need to trace your sexual story line back to its beginning to figure out what drives your decisions.Mine starts, "Once upon a time, a girl who lacked self-confidence sought male affirmation, and at 15 she impulsively lost her virginity to a guy whom she'd just met and whose name she can no longer remember…." Despite growing older (and, presumably, wiser), I haven't strayed far from that script.

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