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In the beginning of the relationship, Sagittarius man makes his Scorpio woman feel the things she had never even dreamed of.

It gives great push to their relationship but the flirtatious nature and positive energy flow of Sagittarius man irritates her and jealousy surfaces in long-term togetherness.

The weak areas in this bond occurs when he decides that it is a good time to bring up something that has been on his mind. This, in turn, causes her to do the same, but on a bad note.

She turns cold and conjures up things in the past that he had done to hurt her causing any passion he did have to die out completely.

Soon she starts understanding the dreams of her Sagittarius man; his nature expands to its highest level making him an enthusiastic and devoted mate.

He tends to be a bit over the top with his purchases.Sagittarius man always tries new methods of love making which can be disappointing for the Scorpio woman sometimes but most of the time she welcomes them as it brings newness to her sexuality too.His fiery passion can sometimes come across as immature and idealistic whereas she wants the feel of a sacred and all consummating love between them.The relationship of Scorpio and Sagittarius can be rocky but at the same time highly stimulating.Scorpio thoroughly enjoys the fresh air that Sagittarius breathes into the relationship. Sagittarius considers Scorpio wise and appreciates the depth of perception Scorpio has.

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