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The development phase was finished in 1950 and one year later series production started. A second "duplex" artillery system was subsequently designed by FF Petrov's design bureau at Artillery Factory No 9. The 122 mm Gun D-74 was a competitor to the M-46; and while many were produced, the M-46 became the only long range Gun in Soviet service until new 152 mm Guns in the 1970s.

The small shield protects little more than the sights, possible including from the effects of muzzle blast, and some protection from machine gun fire in anti-tank engagements.

The gun has long and robust trails to provide stability when firing, a large detachable spade is fitted to the end of each when the gun is brought into action.

Non-reciprocating sights are standard Soviet pattern, designed for one-man laying.

Simple jacks on the trails just behind the main wheels are used to lift and support the closed trails so that the limber can be connected.

The barrel and recuperator are pulled back between the closed trails and locked in a travelling position.

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