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Estimated to be between 700,000 and 1,000,000 years old, at the time of their discovery the fossils of Java Man were the oldest hominin fossils ever found.

The fossils of Java Man have been housed at the Naturalis in the Netherlands since 1900.

Olympios, who did not return to the show when production restarted, elaborated on her blacked-out state during the controversial hook-up, while also insisting she has no ill will toward Jackson or the show's production team.

The star went so far as to say that she was “super thankful” to the producers, and felt primarily victimized not by her fellow cast mate, but by the subsequent media scrutiny.

Led by Eugène Dubois, the excavation team uncovered a tooth, a skullcap, and a thighbone at Trinil on the banks of the Solo River in East Java.

Eventually, similarities between Pithecanthropus erectus (Java Man) and Sinanthropus pekinensis (Peking Man) led Ernst Mayr to rename both Homo erectus in 1950, placing them directly in the human evolutionary tree.

While the self-described manager of a “multimillion-dollar company” was at times rude and over-assertive, she was also self-aware and funny, with natural charisma and a talent for transparency.

Olympios’ sex-positive approach to camera-ready courtship may have earned her a number of nemeses, but it also gave rise to a growing fan base (#Team Corn).

Despite Dubois's argument, few accepted that Java Man was a transitional form between apes and humans.

Some dismissed the fossils as apes and others as modern humans, whereas many scientists considered Java Man as a primitive side branch of evolution not related to modern humans at all.

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