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John settled in Alma, Wisconsin, in 1855 and established a brewery that would continue in operation until closed by Prohibition in 1920.His story is covered in his biography (John Hemrich).Hemrich & Kopp started their Seattle brewery in early 1883.From steam beer to lager, the plant saw improvements in brewing, and plant expansion, that eventually became the Bay View Brewing Co.This was believed to be a claim that beer had been brewed on that site since 1878, instead of 1883.The familiar slogan: "Rainier...since 1878" was a catch phrase first used in San Francisco in the early '30s by the marketing people at Louis Hemrich's Rainier Brewing Co.

He is credited for founding the Bay View Brewing Co. 1860) took over the family brewery in Alma - assisted by older brother, John.e Apex Brewing Co., and he too has a separate biography (Alvin M. Brewing Co." After his older brother, Andrew, died in 1910, Louis became the president of Seattle Brewing & Malting.Then in 1915, when state-wide prohibition shut them down, he built a new Rainier Brewery in San Francisco.Then in late 1892, plans were made for the Bay View plant to merge with two others to form the Seattle Brewing and Malting Company.A brand of beer was then needed to identify the new company's product, and the name of the mountain that dominated the southern view was chosen.

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Production by then had reached 300,000 barrels per annum.

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