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But my favorite conversation is with a respectable-looking gentleman from New Hampshire, who looks like your bespectacled 10th-grade science teacher but with a full head of hair and no obvious facial tics. "How many penises were there before you met the Swedes? Among the former he includes the ability to create "ad hoc communities" and to take users out of their "comfort zone." The downside, he says, is "access to material and people that are disturbing. Chatroulette is not likely to be immune to hackers." Although he cautions that he's not an expert, Calo feels Chatroulette's danger to children online is frequently overstated." "100." I tell him this is for a newspaper in Colorado Springs, home to Ted Haggard. When I explain about New Life, he mentions that he and his wife are going to Durham Evangelical Church in the morning. "I understand that most abuse is perpetrated by people children already know," he says.Albert Brooks later parodied the Louds in his 1979 film, Real Life.The '80s introduced us to Fox's Cops, which probably requires no explanation.Self-surveillance has since exploded, from commonplace You Tube videos to bizarre lifecasting sites in which people use "wearable technology" to broadcast their lives 24-7.All of which makes Chatroulette seem comparatively normal. Puppet regime Show me your genitals Your genitals Show me your genitalia These words are being typed by a young woman in a Jamaican-style red, green and black tam who looks like she might be stoned. In keeping with the scientific method, we realized early on the necessity of repeating our experiment with male, female and non-human life forms.Rather than strangers from around the world, you can now be hooked up with someone who might be living right down the street.

In the early '70s, for instance, 10 million viewers tuned in to watch An American Family, a weekly PBS series that chronicled the unraveling of the Louds, a typically atypical California family that self-destructs in more or less real time.

And then there are the two Italian conceptual artists who've taken the performative aspect of Chatroulette about as far it can go.

Eva and Franco Mattes (see "Dead Man chatting.") confronted users with the live image of a man suspended by a rope in a trashed living room, an all-too-convincing approximation of someone who's just hanged himself.

In fact, he doesn't find going on there to be particularly interesting, apart from its connection to his profession.

"But, in fairness, I was not on the service long," he says.

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After all, Steve Jobs and his crew at one point turned down graphic novel adaptations of Oscar Wilde and James Joyce on the grounds of objectionable content.

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