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RESULTS: The median (5th–95th percentile) external masculinization scores of those infants with PAIS, DGD, and DAS who were raised as boys were 6 (2–9), 6 (3–9), and 6 (1–12), respectively, and were significantly higher than in those raised as girls (2 [0–6], 2 [0–7], and 0 [0–5], respectively); this difference was maintained in the 3 temporal birth cohorts (CONCLUSIONS: Although there is an association between the external appearance of the genitalia and the choice of sex assignment, there are clear temporal trends in this practice pointing toward an increased likelihood of affected infants being raised as boys.

The impact of this change in practice on long-term health outcomes requires additional focus.

Of the 454 cases, 382 (84%) also had sufficient information about the external appearance of the genitalia at initial presentation and before any clinical intervention to calculate the external masculinization score (EMS), as previously described.BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE: It is unclear whether the proportion of infants with a disorder of sex development who are raised as male or female has changed over time.The temporal trends in sex assignment of affected cases entered in the International Disorder of Sex Development (I-DSD) Registry were studied.The Mann-Whitney Overall, of the 454 cases, 229 were raised as boys and 225 were raised as girls.Of the 118 cases in the pre-1990 cohort, 41 (35%) were raised as boys.

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The theory was also challenged by patient advocacy groups and research on long-term outcomes, which suggested that conditions such as micropenis may not necessarily be associated with a poor psychosocial outcome.

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