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Once in Israel, however, she started learning about Judaism at EYAHT, Aish Ha Torah’s women’s division. One of his study partners recalled how Gershon would purposely choose a seat in the yeshiva across from the entrance so he could smile at people as they walked in. In ten years of marriage, Batya heard her husband raise his voice only once—when he felt that someone was trying to rip off the yeshiva.

She became observant, and in 2003 married Gershon Burd. But Gershon’s nice-guy persona was a mere front for his carefully hidden true identity.

Gershon even showed her the promotion on his laptop, and offered to sign her up, explaining that he too would get miles for referring her.

The woman happily gave Gershon the information to sign her up, got her ticket, and flew to America to be with her mother.

The Burd children were among those who relished this delightful prize. Paying a shiva call, the proprietor revealed to Batya that Gershon had been paying for the helium balloons.

At the end of every month, he would slip into the store and surreptitiously pay for that month’s balloons. Three years later his parents immigrated to Chicago.

On Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah, every child receives two free helium balloons.On the second day of the shiva, a woman Batya knew appeared in the Burd home.As Batya recounts: “She looked at me with this look and said, ‘I’m going to tell you something you don’t know.They never knew who it came from.” And then there were the helium balloons.Everyone in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City knew that a certain stationery store gives a free helium balloon to every child on his or her birthday.

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We, the members of his community in the Old City of Jerusalem, thought we knew Gershon Burd.

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