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Currently, according to California’s rules, autonomous cars being tested on public roads require a person be physically present behind the wheel at all times.

Though the car might be driving itself, the human operator must be in a position to step in and take over if the situation gets beyond that of the autonomous systems.

Scott Graves, the research director of the California Budget & Policy Center, a nonpartisan think tank in Sacramento, says Trump is a “credible threat” to California and outlines three federal programs it needs to survive: the Affordable Care Act, the Cal Fresh food program and Supplemental Security Income.

Combined, these programs have roughly 15 million enrollees in California, drawing federal funding of close to billion.

The Obama administration has operated under the 2013 Cole Memo, which instructs the Department of Justice to leave alone states that have legalized marijuana.

In the case of a crash, a contact must be available 24/7 to respond to any other drivers or emergency services on the scene.

Autonomous cars in California may do away with the human backup driver behind the wheel, with newly proposed regulations amending one of the most controversial aspects of the current rules.

The California DMV had opened up its regulations for driverless testing and deployment regulations earlier this year for public input, releasing a new version today that includes significant changes to what companies working on self-driving cars are required to do should human intervention be demanded.

California also needs China, which is a close economic partner: A trade war could cost the state an estimated billion in exports alone.

On a recent rainy Tuesday afternoon in Sacramento, Brown unveiled the proposed 2017-18 budget for the state.

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