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A tea-rrific evening that I cannot recommend enough.THIRTY-FOUR years after Donald Campbell died on the waters of Coniston, seconds short of smashing his own world speed record, his widow watched tearfully yesterday as the tailfin of Bluebird was finally hauled back to the surface.He was an estimated three seconds away from smashing his own record of 276mph when he pulled back Bluebird's throttle at just under 300mph. Bluebird's nose rose, caught the oncoming wind and flipped over on to her back in a welter of spray. I'm gone." Campbell's body was never recovered and, for the next three decades, locals kept to themselves the likely spot where his craft lay 140ft below the surface of Coniston Water.He shouted over his radio link: "I'm going, I'm on my back . The train of events that led to yesterday's salvage began four years ago at the instigation of Bill Smith, an underwater surveyor inspired by Campbell's derring-do.Eventually the wreck was located in September when Mr Smith was diving solo."Two out of my three torches had broken," he recalled over a pint of Bluebird bitter in the Sun Hotel, the inn where Campbell spent his last night."Without knowing it, we'd actually managed to calculate the wreck's exact position to within about a yard."Bluebird was actually behind me and, as I turned round to get my bearings, I put my fin between a piece of split aluminium.I was bought the tea mixology workshop as a Christmas present and after a long wait (due to popularity of courses!

It was the best kind of speed dating - finding your perfect tea match (or matcha in my case)!

It felt like someone had grabbed my foot and my blood ran cold.

It was so unexpected that I just felt absolute terror and the blood in my veins ran cold."Given the speed of the crash, Bluebird was in remarkably good condition, her 15ft rear section lying upright on a bed of silt 140 feet below the surface "smack in the middle of the lake".

:o) ) When we had the chance to create our own teas it was time to put our knowledge to the test, creating combinations we thought would work well together, I automatically went straight for a chai based tea which I then complimented with cocoa nibs, coconut and star anise.

We were then given the chance to make another two combinations, which was amazing as I was only expecting to be able to make one to take home.

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