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Source: ANN Seinen, literally "young man", is one of the main demographic classifications applied to manga, and, by extension, to anime, especially manga-based ones.As the name implies, seinen works are marketed primarily to an audience of young men; the age range commonly understood to be the target of such works goes roughly from 17 to somewhere in the 40s.Koizumi is a high school girl who looks like a cool beauty at first glance, but actually has an unexpected side of her that loves ramen.Source: ANNNote: The first episode received an early screening at a special event held at TOHO Cinemas Shinjuku on . Rin likes to go camping by herself along the lakes that provide a scenic view of Mt. Nadeshiko loves to take cycling trips by herself to places where she can see Mt. After they meet, Rin and Nadeshiko take camping trips, eat cup ramen together, and enjoy the scenery.In the glorious but sometimes harsh world of idols, they aim for the top with dreams in their hearts! One day, he meets a very strong and intelligent mechanical arm named "Mecha-ude".Source: crunchyroll Note: The first two episode received an early screening at a special event held on , later they were streamed online on . After a strange turn of events, the "Mecha-ude" started living inside Hero's hoodie and the two's life full of trouble begins.There is a "Lost Room" where you can find what was lost - or those who lost.

Also the first episode received a special preliminary delivery on d Anime Store on (limited), on Nico Nico Live on and on Abema TV on . * Based on Mashin Eiichirou's four-panel school comedy manga Himuro no Tenchi Fate/school life.He starts his first job at the neighborhood yakiniku shop Sengoku.He struggles and grows together will his unique coworkers at the shop.Howling at 40 degrees, going mad at 50 degrees, screaming at 60 degrees, to the primordial lands beyond the great oceans, at the edge of the earth, far removed from human civilization.This is the story of four girls who travel to the Antarctic, further even than outer space.

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Not based on anything, the story is a new work, usually made up by the people involved in creating the anime.

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