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‘If you feel anxious about your looks,’ she continues, ‘it’s a sure sign you need to change your mind and not your body.’ Unfortunately, Ms Thomason has got the wrong end of the stick.Recognising you have a weight problem doesn’t mean you should reach for a magazine that tells you it’s okay.And that’s why I think Just As Beautiful should take stock.

The message I got from them was resoundingly clear: they’d do anything not to be fat.

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If you’re an obese mother, your children are ten times more likely to be obese by the age of seven as well.

But that’s hardly rocket science, because if you eat unhealthily the chances are you’ll feed your offspring badly, too. The brutal truth is, Ms Thomason, underneath all your readers’ bravado, I’ll wager the vast majority of them would rather be slimmer, fitter and healthier. A recent survey revealed that just 1 per cent of overweight women were happy with their shape. A few years back, when my personal and professional life hit difficulties, my weight ballooned. With so many other things to think about, such as my first marriage breaking up, and my business struggling in the recession, I pretended to friends and family that it didn’t matter — that I was still happy with the way I looked. I felt ungainly, unfeminine and even if a magazine HAD existed telling me I could look beautiful, I certainly didn’t feel beautiful on the inside.

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The NHS is groaning under the cost of our spiralling weight gain and subsequent health conditions.

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