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Don’t just think of technology companies when considering the use of business intelligence and analytics.Here is a list of ten professional fields that utilize this analytical approach to reduce costs and increase profits, showing the versatility of business intelligence training.Still, the results from all three models were similar enough that a case could be argued for using any one to predict End-of-First-Year GPA.Implications for Enrollment Management Leadership These models are useful to the success of enrollment management in many ways.With an ever-increasing number of applicants, institutions must sift through large amounts of disparate applications that are obviously in neither the “accept” nor “reject” categories.

See this concept come to life with published research by a Saint Joseph’s University Master of Science in Business Intelligence & Analytics student graduate William Amburgey, “Using Business Intelligence in College Admissions: A Strategic Approach”.

In this model, fewer inputs can have a positive impact on performance.

The neural network was the best at predicting success, followed by the decision tree analysis (both of which are business intelligence style models).

As the following demonstrates, there are many practical applications for a Master of Science in Business Intelligence & Analytics as it relates to college admissions.

Function of the Analytics It’s vital for universities to identifying which students will ultimately succeed and which applicants are inappropriate for admission.

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Data Analysis Data analysis is a focus of business intelligence & analytics courses.

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