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It’s even more interesting to see how the collection of our neurons’ past can result in such different individuals. There’s probably lots about Dennet’s theory that I don’t truly understand. I’m so far outside of our cultural mainstream, I routinely miss some of the more obvious stuff. First, an explanation: I’m experiencing an explosion in every revenue-producing aspect of my life.I guess some of my neurons didn’t get the right experience along the way to give me that little bit of perceived intelligence. However, what I’m feeling right now is NOT the usual Turkey Day food hang-over. I’m feeling bad that I haven’t been able to attend to as I usually try to. For the last two months and for the next eight months, I routinely have a day or two a month where I have four to six articles due on the same day.A problem in all of this is that there’s a “something” about humans that makes us different from most other organisms.It’s interesting how our collective chimp-to-modern day experiences can be combined to generate emotions like hate and love, charity and greed. bd It’s the day after Turkey Day, usually labeled Black Friday, for what reason I don’t know.

Trump always leads the news cycles, which are usually tied to his often-unnecessary tweets and the palace intrigue within the White House.When she’d ask me a business question and I’d give an answer and, when it proved to be right, she’d say, “Oh, dad, you’re so smart.” When she’d say that, I’d reply that what she was seeing as intelligence, is actually just “long term trend analysis:” After you’ve seen the same thing 19 times, you have a pretty good idea what’s going to happen the 20th time.That is how Dennet says our brain works and each of our bazillion neurons has been learning from our experiences since our chimpanzee days.Right now it’s 0515 Sunday morning and it’s raining. This gives me about 25 extra hours during the week to take care of business. So, I can screw off this morning and not cause any major scheduling problems. Right now, The Roadster is up on jack stands just inside the garage door. During last month’s work session, I wrestled (literally) a leaf out of the rear spring and now have to replace the electric fuel pump and rewire it. However, I have it all under control courtesy of a leaking propeller that has to come off, which means my little red playmate can’t leave the ground for a week.

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This requires removing the roll bar braces (done) so I can remove the trunk floor (done) to gain access to the fuel pump wiring (not done).

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