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Because of climate change, that ice cover has been changing rapidly, in both extent and thickness, and shrinking far too quickly for these species to adapt.

A beluga’s life is closely tied to sea ice, both as a place to feed and a place to take refuge.

WWF has also supported Arctic beluga satellite tagging research, as well as community-based projects monitoring beluga health, and is leading research to better understand the impacts of ocean noise. Lawrence Estuary belugas through our Endangered Species Recovery Fund, and founded as well as co-chaired the recovery team for the St. WWF is working to address the effects of climate change, by ensuring a shift to 100% renewable energy economies by 2050 and working to ensure belugas have the resources they need to adapt to a changing planet. The word beluga comes from the Russian word “bielo” meaning white; however, these whales are born dark gray. Belugas usually travel in small pods of ten or more, up to many hundreds.

They are normally segregated into males, and females with dependent young.

The 6-foot whale was found alone earlier this month hundreds of miles from its usual summer migration zone. Lawrence Estuary, a resource-deprived area for whales.

Noise pollution: Seismic explorations and intense commercial shipping cause noise pollution that likely has a major impact on belugas’ ability to communicate, detect predators, find food, and care for their young. Lawrence beluga population, include contamination by toxic chemicals, and a reduction in the abundance, quality, and availability of prey. WWF is working to help identify critical beluga areas in the Arctic and St.

Lawrence Estuary and and Gulf and secure adequate protection for them.

Belugas are well adapted to their specific habitats, and compared to other Arctic whales seem to be relatively flexible in their niche requirements.

They migrate to specific main feeding, moulting and nursery areas every year.

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Belugas return annually to specific estuaries and shallow areas to feed, avoid predation, and shed their skin, rubbing off old skin on fine grain sand and gravel particles.

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