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COME AND TALK TO US ABOUT SALMON & SEATROUT FISHING, FLY & LURE FISHING FOR BASS, MULLET,& POLLACK, KAYAK FISHING AT ITS VERY BEST, AT HOOKED LIVE CITY WEST, ON THE 10TH & 11TH MARCH, LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING YOU THERE, (OUR STAND IS G10) TIGHT LINES TO ALL.out with a friend last night who is over from the UK, and haven't caught a bass for over 3 years, so I took him on a local beach where he caught bass and flounder, he was delighted, and thanked me very much, he said I forgot how good the bass fishing his around where you live, Tight lines.

To land a 40lb stingray was very good, I also landed a bone fish of 17lb estimated, it was 36inch long from tip of nose to fork of tail, this fish on the first run took over 150 meter of line, on the second run 90meters we then saw the fish after 25 mins by this time my arms were dropping off, and a few more mins the fish was landed and a few photos then returned alive, I have been told this bone fish is in the top ten of the world caught on the fly, I am well pleased with the new fly rod well done Airflow, and thank you,.Hi guys my new book should be on sale at the end of january if all goes ok its called (Angling on the Iveragh Peninsula) I will also be at the city west hotel Dublin 2nd & 3rd February doing the Hooked Live show, hope to see you there, I will be the stall with the kayak, tight lines There are still a good few bass around, most are getting caught on baits but the odd 1 or 2 coming out on plugs, as Martin from Glasgow found out, and flounder are starting to it the beaches hard, so it looks to be great winter fishing times ahead.I was fishing with my son sion today, what a session it turned out to be, we caught 18 bass and lost a few more, and all reasonable good ones smallest was 3lb and the biggest was 6lb but they came in thick and fast, I have had some of my best bass fishing this year, with some really top quality fishing, lots of bass from 4lb to 6lb and a few between 6lb and 8lb 4oz and then a good few bass under 4lb its been an incredible year for me again.I just got in, I was fishing with a frend from kenmare, Frank he really done well he caught 3 bass to 3lb 8oz and 2 flounder 1lb 6oz in 1 hour and 30mins well done that man, me I was very slow to get out of the blocks I only had 1 bass 2lb thats fishing.I just came in, me and a good friend Ivor, went out for a cast fishing where we caught 11 bass to 3lb 4 flounder and on Ivor last cast he caught a spent seatrout of 2lb, it all happed so quick, there was nothing for the first hour and then it was like someone putting on a light switch we caught all the fish in a hour, we could not bait up quick enough with the weather being so rough over last few weeks I was itching to get out and do some tidy fishing and as soon as it calmed down it paid off, just waiting for the big bass now january onwards, lets get at them.

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what A session on the flounder me and my son sion had, when we went out to get a few photos of some fish,for my new book, little did we realise what a session it turned into, the amount of flounder we caught was incredible well over 25 flats to 2lb and 1 small bass in about 2 hours fishing, it was none stop from the first cast.

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