Barcelona nude beach

June and the second fortnight in September: weekends and public holidays, from 11am to 2pm.Whilst known as Barcelona’s only nudist beach, Mar Bella attracts as many gay sunbathers who prefer to keep that tackle undercover as those who are happy to let it all hang out.You should be aware that there are pickpockets, so you shouldn’t leave your belongings alone.

Or if you prefer, we’ve written about some of our favourite beaches in Barcelona – Montgat Nord, Waikiki Beach, Sant Pol del Mar -for you to take a look at. With blue skies and sunshine nearly all year round, you can’t go wrong with the weather at Barcelona’s beaches.

Pay attention to the marvelous sand castles, forests and other sculptures on the side of the walkway.

Some of them really are impressive: they build mountains with waterfalls, volcanos and pay attention to details like trees and caves!

But it’s not that way in Barcelona: there is no physical separation between the different beaches.

In other words, you can walk along Barcelona’s beaches and suddenly see naked people walking and hanging out amongst the clothed people. Most certainly the first words you’re going to learn in Spanish.

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