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I had quite a few scenes with David, so I was able to draw from the reality of the situation.“The thing is Rachel feels everything.She’s really special and precious in that she has a great deal of heart, and I think my character is a lot of the emotional throughline in the series.The pace was a little bit slower, though, because we had to take the time to do all those introductions. The stories that they’ve been breaking in the writers’ room have been really awesome, so I’m eager for viewers to see what we’ve been getting up to since the pilot,”Story-wise, Ghanizada has a particular one that presented her with a variety of challenges as an actress.She also has a scene that was especially fun for her to work on.I know how to dress for an audition.’ What they were actually trying to tell me was that Rachel is very different from who I am.I’m a very outgoing and confident person in real life, and as such I think casting felt I wouldn’t be able to portray Rachel in a believable way.“What they didn’t realize, though, is that I have a great deal in common with my character.I identified right away with Rachel and I could tap into that softness and vulnerability and why she would be shy around men in certain situations.“Well, I went in and read for the character the next morning and I think it was the following day that I booked the role.Before I knew it I received the pilot script and was on a plane and heading off to shoot the pilot.”In the Alphas pilot, Dr.

Although she already knew and had been working with three of these Alphas for a while, the Alphas pilot is their first time together out in the field.

I was more focused on a couple of big movie auditions, but one night I received a phone call asking me to come in the next day at 10 o’clock for an audition.

That was followed by several other calls from people telling me, ‘You need to dress conservatively for the audition,’ and I was like, ‘What does that mean?

Rosen (David Strathairn) and his team must track down an Alpha who assassinated a federal witness.

The first glimpse that audiences have of Rachel is at her family’s dry cleaning business. Rosen’s, but as she is leaving, her hypersensitive hearing picks up an unsettling conversation between her father and one of his employees.

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“There’s a special episode this season where Rachel experiences quite a few things, and it really forced me to deal with myself as well as my character on a highly emotional level,” she says.

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