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Lastly you can use more emotional and underhanded strategies.For instance a subject heading like 'Bad news' could very easily motivate someone to read the e-mail (only for the 'bad news' to be that you've fallen for them or something else cheesy which will also then come as a nice relief).Online dating is essentially the new version of personal ads.These ads worked like any other advert essentially, giving you a small amount of space in which to capture the attention of the woman reading and get her to open your e-mail and see what's inside.

Getting People to Open Your E-Mails A hot girl or a hot guy on a dating website is going to get hundreds of e-mails in their inbox every month and many of these they will simply ignore, while some others they'll just skim over and not really pay attention.

Thus as the advertiser the person sending the e-mail you need to make your heading stand out over the others.

This is a problem that spammers and the makers of mailing lists have been struggling with for a long time, getting you to open the e-mails when you're in a hurry and generally piquing your interest enough that you decide to delve further and they've come up with some good strategies we can learn from.

Likewise another good starting point might be 'I need your opinion on something' this headline massages their ego because it suggests you need their help, and it gives them the opportunity to help which is a very strong motivator for most people.

At the same time again it doesn't tell them what it is you need help with so they will want to open the e-mail to find out what it is.

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These e-mail headings tell you everything you need to know about what's in that e-mail, they don't arouse your curiosity and they don't stand out among the others.

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