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Rick Rubin, who produced the band's 1991 megahit, , is lined up to produce its next record, and in two days, the Chili Peppers leave for Hawaii, where, free of distractions save the welcome variety, they'll hole up in a house together and begin preproduction.

Yesterday, over a pot of strong coffee and numerous bottles of Evian, Kiedis held forth on all manner of topics.

So he grew up in kind of a wild and hectic environment.

I always knew he'd do great things."The family, we feel funny about all the controversy, this thing about [U. Health and Human Services secretary] Donna Shalala saying he was a bad spokesperson for AIDS," Dammett says.

"She doesn't know anything about him."In person, the 31-year-old Kiedis does seem markedly different from his stage persona as a punk bonehead with raging hormones.

Kiedis says the Chili Peppers felt "awful" about ousting Tobias after he'd quit his other band but maintains that the decision would have been made regardless of Navarro."Though it may seem like a case of Dave uprooting Jesse, it wasn't exactly like that," says Kiedis. We really liked Jesse's playing, but it just didn't develop into the musical camaraderie that we were used to.

Flea didn't feel right about it, and the fate of this band relies on Flea having a sense of musical contentment with the guitar player.

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You might not even notice the photograph if Anthony Kiedis hadn't pointed it out, surrounded as it is by dozens of others.

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