An intimidating tenant

Common sense is a personal attribute requiring consistent exercise.

Obtain a receipt for payments to a landlord or use checks or money orders that can be verified.

Tenants are responsible for notifying landlords of problems as they occur, and landlords are responsible for making repairs within a reasonable time of being notified.

Making repairs satisfactorily and within a reasonable time are two areas that lead to dispute and could lead to legal action.

If the condition continues, you may complain to governmental authorities or seek court action to prohibit the action or to terminate the lease agreement.

Habitability means that the apartment must meet minimal construction, maintenance, and safety standards of the municipality having jurisdiction (usually the City of Pittsburgh for students).

You must give the landlord a forwarding address in writing when you move out to receive your deposit.

(See Getting your security deposit back.) A landlord may not evict you without a valid reason, such as nonpayment of rent.

However, oral agreements are difficult to prove in court in the event of a dispute.

Resolving problems amicably in honest discussion is preferable, but if disagreements are not resolved easily, additional steps and remedies may be necessary.

For minor disagreements, courts are a poor solution.

In addition, a landlord cannot withhold utilities or deny access by changing the locks.

If a landlord does these things, you should advise him or her of your concerns in writing and in person.

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