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And, finally – for this section anyway – it appears as though the police will stop at nothing when it comes to setting up one of their revenue raising cameras, as is clearly detailed in this article - away, the picture at the top of the article is cause for immediate concern as there are multiple steel poles and metal signs in the vicinity of the speed camera van, which, according to the police guidelines and ‘site selection criteria’ should rule this site out as a suitable site for speed camera deployment.We have copies of all the manufacturers’ manuals and the site selection criteria documents on the Downloads page of our Advanced Membership website – fact that they are illegally parking on the grass and blocking the footpath, all in the name of collecting more revenue for the government, is, of course, cause for even greater concern.

You can watch the short video here - - if you can stomach, Brendan Facey openly admitting that parking fines – which harm absolutely no-one and ‘toll fines’ – which, again, harm absolutely no-one, and are, of course, completely unlawful because We, the People own the roads in this country – are “very common infringements in Victoria. How does this not cause massive outrage amongst all Victorian motorists???

This is also contrary to what the reporter, Aleks Devic, claims as well because he clearly hasn’t done his research properly!

Cameras have also been able to detect people across multiple lanes for quite some time as well – again, despite Mr Devic’s claims – just look at any of the major freeway cameras in any State.

What is of greatest concern, however, is actually some of the other points that are raised in this article - example, the 3 paragraph states that one motorist is now being snapped every 20 seconds for speeding!

Now, this tells you a number of things straight away.

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Rest assured, if we don’t all start fighting back collectively against this insanity, then you’re going to see more articles/videos like this one - to that opening statement again – over 5,000 drivers were caught “speeding” on one street and most of them were doing less than 60 km/h!

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