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With severe pulmonary hypertension, patients can develop Eisenmenger syndrome with cyanosis (low oxygen levels and bluish tint mouth and extremities).Pregnancy is not recommended in the setting of significant pulmonary hypertension/Eisenmenger syndrome.

This message is important to be disseminated to families with children with heart disease because we can confidently say repaired children with heart disease can live a normal life. My daughter, now 18 years old, when she was two years old, had the tetralogy of fallot after radical surgery.

3) I think it's a better choice if the hole can be repaired by kids own tissue instead of an outside device, giving the surgery itself is minimal invasive, is it true?

Hani_Najm,_MD: The surgery is extremely low risk and can be done through a small incision.

Intervention would be recommended in patients with recurrent unexplained neurologic events (such as stroke or mini-stroke) that have failed medical therapy (such as aspirin).

We do not have established/conclusive data that PFO closure is warranted for patients with migraines.

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