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Mobile phone ownership jumped to 72% at age 14 in that survey, and by the age of 17 more than eight in ten teens (84%) had their own cell phone.Beyond age, there are few differences in mobile phone ownership by other personal characteristics.Internet users are more likely than non-users to have a cell phone; however half of teens who do not go online do own a mobile phone.

The Project is currently conducting a survey of teens and their parents and will be releasing the new figures in early 2010.

Game-related devices are more likely to be conceived of by families as “owned” by the children in the household, while computers are more likely to be owned collectively by the family, or by the adults in the household.

Among teens, age is the most important variable in mobile phone ownership.

Older teens are much more likely to own phones than younger teens, and the largest increase occurs at age 14, right at the transition between middle and high school.

Among 12-13 year olds, 52% had a cell phone in 2008.

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