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A few weeks ago, I had someone ask me what superpower I would love to have. I am terrible at getting students to see that most of their prior knowledge of exponent rules is wrong.I know some of you will criticize me for the following. I used the amazing worksheets provided by Don't Panic, The Answer is 42. On the product rule worksheet, my students rocked the product rule.On the quotient rule worksheet, my students rocked the quotient rule.Without telling the students what we were doing, I told them all to go write their name on the dry erase board and draw four x's below. They held up their individual dry erase boards with their answers. When a student ran out of x's, that student became a zombie.First hour, one of my students raises their hand and asks, "Couldn't we have just written x to the fourth power below our names? I guess my continual emphasis that x squared means x times x and x cubed means x times x times x has paid off! The students who got it right got to go and erase an x from under someone's name. Zombies could still take others out if they continued to get the problems right. Day 2 - The students wanted to know if we were going to play the game again.In a multiplication problem, the arrow points to add, so we add the exponents. I earned a degree in pure mathematics without knowing what the word meant.In an addition problem, the arrow points to nothing, so we do nothing to the exponents. I've emphasized this word so much this year, my eighth graders found it necessary to correct their science teacher for not referring to the vinculum by its proper name when learning about the density equation. But, I do think it goes to show my students that they shouldn't be scared by new vocab words just because they sound scary.

I guess they are thinking, "I don't have to listen. No matter how many times I say that multiplication and division must be performed from left to right, I have a student who will argue with me that multiplication comes before division in PEMDAS so we must always do it first.

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It sparked so many amazing conversations that wouldn't have happened otherwise. And, I explained it to my students like this: The arrow tells us what to do to the exponent rules.

In a power to a power problem, the arrow points to multiply, so we multiply the exponents.

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If I have to take the time each year to reteach integer operations, the order of operations, and exponent rules to my Algebra 1 students, I would much prefer to teach these to them from scratch. They've been told that two negatives make a positive. Again, they've taken a rule for multiplication and division and overgeneralized it.

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